Vision and Mission

Dentistry Education Program FKIK UMY

Dentistry Study Program of FKIK UMY until 2020::

“Towards one of the good governance and leading dentistry study program in Indonesia for its science and technology excellence, based on Indonesia Islamic social and culture with global insight, and to be the pride of civitas academics, Islamic people, and country.”

Dentistry Education Program FKIK UMY

For the effort to realize the vision, the mission for the execution then arranged to carry out the teaching and learning process in PSPDG FKIK UMY in implement tri dharma of higher education:

  1. Perform education and dentistry teaching and learning based on modern and Islamic competence
  2. Produce and develop research in the field of dentistry and medicine science
  3. Able to empower every civitas academica in performing community service and problem solving related to stomatognatic function
  4. Organize dentistry teaching and learning which implement dentistry service effort with family dentistry concept
  5. Develop good governance, entrepreneurship, and good leading management system
  6. Organize domestic and foreign cooperation to reach the vision for global development