This morning on September 10th 2018, dentistry Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta University new passionate students attend the opening of block 1, Basic Learning and Professionalism. They are very enthusiastic in class which is teached by drg. Indri Kurniasih, M.Med. who is charge block 1. “Please pray and mentor the entire academic community of Dentistry UMY, so that the study in UMY Dentistry will be going well”, she said at the inaugural lecture in the lecture room of UMY Dentistry.

At the begining of lectures, the new undergraduate students will get materials that related to the basic concepts of learning in higher level education, mastery of learning skills, basic concepts of ethics and professional attitudes. At Dentistry Mini Theater 1, the lecturer explains about education process which is followed by students of block 1. The theme of the first material until next 5 weeks is “basic learning and professionalism”.