Year 2014
Number Procceding Tittle Lecturer
1 Management of chronic periapical abcess in rampant caries patient drg. Alfini Octavia, Sp.KGA
2 The Antibacterial Effect of Ethanol Extract of Raw Papaya Fruit (Carica Papaya L.) Againts Enterococcus Faecalis ATCC 29212 Bacteria (in vitro)
drg. Ana Medawati, M.Kes
3 Antibacterial Effect of Ethanol Extract of Leaves ciplukan (Physalis angulata L.) Againts Bacterial Lactobacillus acidophilus (in vitro)
4 The Relationship Between Nutritional Status with Eruption of Permanent Mandibular Central Incisors teeth Status drg. Atiek Driana Rahmawati, MDSc., Sp.KGA
5 The Effect of Aspirin Administration Length on Oral Epithelial Mucosa; Thickness in Male Wistar Mice drg. Dian Yosi Arinawati,MDSc
6 The Effect of Water pH Range Towards the Setting Time of Alginate Impression Materials with the Addition of Arrowroot Starch (Marantha arundineceae L) drg. Dwi Aji Nugroho, MDSc
7 Management of traumatic ulcer of the tongue in hospitalized patient due to traffic accident with mild brain damage drg. Dwi Suhartiningtyas,MDSc
8 Heminmandibulectomy on Mandibular Ameloblastoma with Bridging Plate Reconstruction
drg. Edwyn Saleh
9 Management of Unilateral Fracture Condiyle with Open Reduction Internal Fixasion (ORIF) Approach Submandibular Incision
10 The Effectiveness Between’s and Duck’s Eggshell Powder for Bleeding Stop in Rattus Norvegicus
Dr. drg. Erlina Sih Mahanani, M.Kes
11 Antibacterial Effect of Ethanol Extract of Leaves ciplukan (Physalis angulata L.) Againts Bacterial Lactobacillus acidophilus (in vitro)
12 Hydrogel Scaffold Bone Tissue Engineering Application
13 Differentiation of antibacterial effect between 2% chlorhexidine digluconate and guava leaves (Psidium guajava Linn) ethanolic in various concentration observation to enterococcus faecalis) drg. Erma Sofiani,Sp.KG
14 The Effect of Giving SAP of Twigs Jarak Tintir (Jatropha Multifida L) Gel Topically to the Wound Healing Process After Tooth Extraction in Male Guinea Pigs (Cavia Cobaya) drg. Hartanti, Sp.Perio
15 Antibacterial Potential of Etanol Extracts of Mangosteen Extract Peels (Garciniamangostana Linn.) Toward the Streptococcus Mutans drg. Ika Andriani,MDSc., Sp.Perio
16 Determination of Primary Care Dentist in Indonesia
drg. Iwan Dewanto, MMR
17 Overview ofselection dentalservices for people with HIV/AIDS at Yogyakarta
18 Management of Labioschisis Surgery in Pediatric Patient
drg. Laelia Dwi Anggraini, Sp.KGA
19 Penatalaksanaan rampan caries pada gigi anterior anak
20 The choice of local anasthetic in paediatric patient (Telaah pustaka)
21  space maintainer kombinasi double tube dengan inelined bite plane pada pasien anak
22 Abnormalities of teeth
23 The difference of saliva acidity degree (pH) between children with obesity and normal body mass index (Study at Muhammadiyah Ngupasan 1 & 2 elementary school, Yogyakarta) drg. Likky Tiara Alphianti, MDSc., Sp.KGA
24 Management of Labioschisis Surgery in Pediatric Patient
drg. M. Bahrul Lutfianto, Sp.BM
25 Bilateral condyle fracture fixation by submandibular approach
26 Intracoronal Bleaching on Right Maxilla Lateralis Incisivus Necrosis Pulp with Fracture Class II Ellis and Intrinsic Discoloration drg. Nia Wijayanti, Sp.KG
27 The knowledge description of people with HIV & AIDS on the oral manifestation of HIV & AIDS in the municipality of Yogyakarta drg. Rr. Pipiet Okti Kusumastiwi, MPH
28 Comparison of halogen light intensity to hardness of hybrid composite resin drg. Yusrini Pasril, Sp.KG